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Star Wars Legion

It's been a fun ride growing a community of players for this game on the South Coast of South Australia, we have a good group of people playing localling with many more interested in getting going.

The Game is good fun and well balanced and it's about to recieve it's first new faction in the 5 years that I've know the Game in the Shadow Collective, led by Darth Maul, this has some very dynamic units which will be great to play and a challenge to play against on the table. These will be available mid June with pre-orders up now here star w - Fleurieu Hobbies

I love the game as lets you pilot some of your favourite characters/forces, it has great mechanics and is easier to break into with a lower price point than many other games, great support from suppliers/distributors and the Game publisher itself.

The models themselves are easier to put together than other systems which is great for new players and there is a range of parts for customisation of units appealing to the experienced hobbyist

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