Army Painter  Plate Mail Spray Primer

Army Painter Plate Mail Spray Primer

GST Included

Army Painter Colour Primer Spray Plate Mail Metal
A truly unique spray. It has the look of hardened steel yet still being so matt that other acrylic paints cover it perfectly. This spray has endless uses and anything in armour craves an undercoat of this fantastic Colour Primer - saving you loads of time!

War and Peace Games recommendation - "If you are into Grey Knights, Empire Knights, Knights of Minas Tirith, 100 Years War, War of the Roses or one of the numerous eras that use lots of armour I can't recommend enough how time saving this spray is for you.
HOT TIP - Use with Army Painter Strong Tone to maintain a bright yet dirty armour effect, or use it with Army Painter Dark Tone for a very aged dark battleworn effect!"

**Shipping to Australia Only Sorry**