Eternity Labs Module B

Eternity Labs Module B

GST Included

Eternity Labs provide state of the art research facilities with a contemporary pre-fab design, allowing Eternity Labs to channel more money into promising research in human augmentation.
The lab modules combine as a modular stackable system. The windows and door can be removed if desired to allow internal use of the buildings as shown in the photos. The ground floor can even be used if combined with the base kit, sold separately.

The kit comes with a door and an A/C condenser for scatter terrain.
This kit is designed for tournament play, with a ladder providing access to the roof along with access hatches.

28mm model for scale purposes only. Stacked kits to show how modules stack, not included.

186 x 186 x 100mm / 0.47kg

This 28-32mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.